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Introducing a new WAIE initiative: WAIE Committees

The new WAIE Committees are an opportunity for our members to get more involved with WAIE. Committee members will work closely with the WAIE Leadership Team to accomplish committee-specific goals with the purpose of advancing the mission of WAIE in the state of Wisconsin.

Joining a committee is a great opportunity to contribute your ideas and skills and gain valuable professional development experience while learning about the workings of WAIE as an organization.

Currently, there are 3 committees that are looking for volunteers:

1) Conference Committee – Work closely with the WAIE Chairstream to prepare for and organize the annual conference – be it virtual or on-site.

2) Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee – This committee will focus on various DEI initiatives including, but not limited to, incorporating DEI policies into WAIE practices as well as International Education practices across the state, compiling a resource library, creating learning and training opportunities, compiling WAIE demographic data, recruitment and retention strategies, and more.

3) Engagement and Collaboration Committee – Be involved in increasing member engagement, compiling a database of resources (virtual offerings, listservs, etc.), fostering a culture of collaboration and resource-sharing, etc.


Please fill out a Committee Interest Survey below to express interest in joining a committee. We will be in touch!